What is Business Analysis?

See the YouTube video: What is Business Analysis? 

So when I started to work for a major consultancy in the UK, in central London, in major banks, insurance companies and tech giants – I expected precision. One of my first thoughts were – what value will I add? What can I do? I have so much to learn.

While I was right about the learn part, I was surprised with the rest and I’ll tell you why. Big organisations are well.. Big. There are hundreds to thousands of people working across many departments in an age when technology is constantly changing. We are in the digital age and it is relatively new.

While businesses were quick to reap the rewards of automation, they were not equipped with the right people to connect the IT part of the organisation with the Business part. You either had IT guys who worked on both sides or pure business guys working on both sides. The result was poor communication. Projects went on for too long or cost too much.  Then there were perception issues in which IT has no benefit; IT wasn’t doing what the business wanted. This was worse when IT was outsourced to another country.

Enter the need for Business Analysis. These guys are like peacekeepers, negotiators, sales reps, IT guys, and process experts all rolled into one. Their mandate:

  • Uncover “root causes” of problems
  • Identify the key issues
  • Ensure money is spent wisely
  • Ensure the project aligns with
    business needs
  • Deliver business benefits as predicted in business cases and plans

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I’ve arrived – my first blog post

I’ve arrived. There is a saying that I have come across that goes along the lines of..

“the richest place in the world is the graveyard because it is the resting place of all those dreams and inventions that haven’t been realised”

Another quote I like:

“not saying hello to the person with whom you are attracted is similar to winking in the dark – you’re the only person who know’s who’s doing it”

So here I am. A first step towards sharing my ideas and winking openly (at life).